Considered as one of the oldest Catholic churches in the United States, the Old San Miguel Mission in Socorro, New Mexico was founded in 1598 and built with pure Pueblo style of architecture.

According to the website, “The main body of the church, which is the part built between 1615 and 1626, now seats about 250 people although many more attended services in the early 1880s when there were no pews and the people either stood or knelt on the floor. In 1853 another wing was built unto the church and this accommodates another 150.”

“There are four sub-floors under the present church under which lie the bodies of some of the prominent residents of the past. Under the Sanctuary lies the bodies of four priests who died while serving the faithful of this historic Church. In the Northeast corner of the church is the burial place of General Manuel Armijo, the last governor of New Mexico under the Mexican Regime.”

Old San Miguel Mission

Old San Miguel Mission

Since the church is near the main road, finding it is not a problem. Anyone can stop by, go inside, and say a little prayer. Or you can just stay outside and enjoy its architecture.

Address and contact.

Address: 403 El Camino Real NW, Socorro, NM
Phone Number: 505-835-1620



Admission fee.


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