You heard so many things about it. You see photos of it online. You know that it is vast and the landscape colorful. But seeing its grandeur in person is beyond description. The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is indeed “Grand”! Extending 277 miles north to south and 18 miles wide, there are plenty to see and do — from rafting, to hiking, to running, and to even helicopter tours.

The South Rim of the canyon is the more popular among tourists because it is accessible all year round. The North Rim has very limited access. So if you are driving with GPS, make sure to specify the address or coordinates of the South Rim entrance.

The entrance to the park is $30 per vehicle (motorcycle is $25; entering by foot and bicycle is $15). It may sound expensive per vehicle, but the thing is, you are actually paying for the unlimited rides on the shuttle buses that ply in different routes of the canyon.

First thing you need to do, get a map. Go to the Visitor’s Center and talk to a park ranger. Ask for the best route and vantage points to see the best canyon spot. If you arrive early, I would suggest you take the tour with the longest route and see the farthest end of the canyon. Don’t worry of the transportation, the shuttle buses arrive in designated stops every 15 minutes or so.


Rest at the very top.

At the very end of the route is a gift shop and a little food store.  Yes, they sell ice-cream cookies.



Enormous canyons.

The vast canyons lay before your very eyes.



Hike for fun.

Instead of waiting for the bus to take you to the next vantage point, take a hike. There is a trail alongside the road.


More views of the canyons.

The trail offers great views of the vastness of the canyons.


Bicycle is allowed.

I have seen bicyclists going up and down the trail. There are road signs for them everywhere.

Down the canyon to the valley…

If you have the luxury of time, take the Bright Angel Trailhead that will lead you down, down the valley. It is a very long and winding trail, so be prepared. Take plenty of water bottles with you.




After all the hours of hiking, visit the gift shop before leaving for home.

Photos don’t do justice to the beauty of the canyons. Plan a trip and visit the place yourself.

Address: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Phone Number: 9286387888

Hours: The South Rim is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Note: Driving from the North Rim to the South Rim is about five hours.

Find your way.

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