All the good reviews you read online about the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum located in Deming New Mexico are all true. First, Deming is a small town with a population of about 15,000. Second, it is located away from big cities and surrounded by flat lands and mountains from far distance. These two alone made me question how such a town can have a museum that houses many artifacts and art pieces, all well put together. Astounded, I was. Who would have thought that a little town in New Mexico called Deming would have such an interesting museum?

Deming-museum 49

No question, this was the best museum of any small town I have been to. The selection of exhibits varies from old photos, to furniture, to WWII memorabilia, to musical instruments, to classic vehicles, to dolls and toys, to stunning rocks, minerals, and geodes. One room after another, every space filled to the brim with pieces of history.

The photos below don’t even describe the completeness of the museum. You have to be there to appreciate the offerings.

Array of vehicles.

Real life chuck wagon and all the historical vehicles.
Deming-museum 10

Deming-museum 11

Deming-museum 12 Deming-museum 13

This is the first auto in Deming.

Deming-museum 14

A 1909 Model T Ford.

This was the Fire Chief’s car in the town of Mogollon, New Mexico during the beginning of the automotive era.

Deming-museum 19

Deming-museum 20 Deming-museum 28

The raw geodes plus the meteorite.

The biggest rock collections I have ever seen in a museum. Thanks to Basin Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum.
Deming-museum 21 Deming-museum 27

Deming-museum 26

Deming-museum 22

War memorabilia.

Different rooms portray different war memorabilia.
Deming-museum 5

Deming-museum 6 Deming-museum 7

Deming-museum 8 Deming-museum 48

Hundreds of whiskey bottles.

How I love the unique designs of the collectable whiskey bottles. Yes, there was an Elvis Presley whiskey bottle. And even popes had theirs.
Deming-museum 16 Deming-museum 17

Deming-museum 18 Deming-museum 24

Deming-museum 25

Old cameras, communication equipment, and hundreds of bells.

Prepare to take in all the info this place has to offer.
Deming-museum 29

Deming-museum 30 Deming-museum 35

Deming-museum 36

There are theme rooms in the second floor.

The Hispanic theme, the textile theme, the medical theme, the local history theme…
Deming-museum 37 Deming-museum 41

Deming-museum 38

Deming-museum 42

Look how beautifully laid-out are the second floor collections.
Deming-museum 40 Deming-museum 44

The hallways.

Aside from the many memorable portraits and paintings, it also has the 1867 square grand piano.
Deming-museum 4 Deming-museum 46

Best collection of the Mimbres pottery.

“Mimbres culture” was around AD 1000-1130. The pottery from the Mimbres region, often finely painted bowls, is “distinct in style and is decorated with geometric designs and figurative paintings of animals, people and cultural icons in black paint on a white background.”
Deming-museum 2

Deming-museum 50

Deming-museum 51 Deming-museum 3

There is so much history in one place and the themed rooms seem to go on and on. If you have inquiries, do not hesitate to ask the friendly volunteers. They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

It may take two hours to see the entire collection. This is a free museum that is run almost entirely by volunteers. So please leave a little donation on your way out.

Will I recommend this museum to my friends? CERTAINLY. You can never find a museum as complete as this one in a relatively small town, but in Deming!

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum
Address: 301 South Silver, Deming, NM 88031
Phone Number: 505-546-2383
Hours: Monday – Saturday, from 9am to 4pm
For more info, visit the official Facebook page.

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