Phil Cooke, author of the book “Jolt!: Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing” shared his thoughts about the 25 “jolts” that anyone can follow as a guide to improving personal life. Cooke divided it into 5 critical categories: ‘Jolt Your Direction’, ‘Jolt What Matters’, Jolt Your Potential’, ‘Jolt Your Heart’, and ‘Jolt Your Future’.

One of the best quotes from the book was “You don’t solve existing problems with existing rules. To do something new, you can’t keep doing something old.”

Here are some key points I love:

– Life isn’t about easy answers, it’s about asking the right questions.

– You don’t change organizations without changing people.

– Leave a legacy, and make your life count for eternity.

– The challenges of personal growth will transform your life, and like ripples in a pond, it will impact those around you.

– Spend time with those people who believe in you, and avoid those who don’t.

– Embrace ambiguity as life doesn’t always make sense.

– Learn to take control of your story because if you don’t, someone else will.

– Real influence is about making a positive difference in the lives of people.

I like how Cooke shared his personal experiences and his view of life. He is also good at the use of visual imagery that keeps me engaged all the time.

I highly recommend the book. It is interesting and inspiring, overall.

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