Facebook will never run out of interesting links to share! The latest link circulated online is the one that concerns the planetary alignment on December 3, 2012. According to the post, the three planets — Mercury, Venus, and Saturn — will be dead-on aligned with the Pyramids at Giza (see the image below).

Doomsayers are linking the reportedly planetary alignment to the reportedly end of the world on December 21, 2012.

The photo above is obviously altered since the event hasn’t happened yet! Discover Magazine explained that planetary alignments happen often, depending in which angle you are viewing them. Although there could be a chance that the three planets may align on December 3, 2012, there is no way it will occur in the arrangement shown in the circulated hoax image.

Will it ever happen that the planets Mercury, Venus, and Saturn be aligned with the Pyramids at Giza? It is possible. Alignments happen due to the rotation of the planets and if you happen to be at the right location with the right angle of viewing, then you will see them.

Also, I am sure that you can find planetary alignments with other Earth landmarks somewhere. If you find one, will that be an experience of celestial magnitude?