Destiny. Do you believe in destiny? Do you think that there is someone out of the billions of humans alive who is predestined for you, like it’s already written in the stars, and all you need to do is watch and wait for the perfect time to present itself at the right place?

What would happen if the person you are predestined to be with is thinking the same way like you do and is also closely watching and waiting for the right time to present itself at the right place? Isn’t it that two parallel thoughts remain parallel unless one of them deviates and looks for convergence? Could you ever catch a shooting star if you run along with it and not towards it?

Destiny could take a lifetime before you even realize its occurrence. Or is destiny just a simple disguised coincidence? That the meeting of two people or thoughts or hearts happens because of coincidence and not destiny…

If a very surprising event transpires in your life that you don’t anticipate to happen, like meeting a friend you haven’t met for 10 years, it is coincidence. But if the meeting transforms into something worthwhile and changes your life forever, that is destiny. Or is it? I do not know.

Huh, what if destiny is never destined to occur? In that case, that is also destiny.