Cameron Diaz, blonde and brunette

Blondes used to be more attractive than brunettes in the eyes of men. But in a recent study conducted by University of Westminster researchers, men find brunettes more attractive than blondes. The study, published in the Journal of Psychology, used a woman in the three guises — her hair dyed brunette, blonde and then red. She was sent to three London nightclubs and was observed how many men would approached her. Afterwards, 130 men were asked to rate pictures of the woman.

Here are the results:

In Study 1, a female confederate whose hair color was dyed blonde, brunette, or red was instructed to sit in several nightclubs. It was found that she was approached significantly more frequently by men in the blonde condition. In Study 2, images of the same confederate were rated by 126 men. Results showed that the brunette stimulus was rated as more physically attractive, intelligent, approachable, competent, and arrogant, whereas the blonde stimulus was rated as more needy. These results are discussed in relation to the literature on hair color and attractiveness, but also in terms of women’s own perceptions of their hair color.

What do you think of the results?

For more info:
Swami, V. & Barrett, S. (2011). British men’s hair color preferences: An assessment of courtship solicitation and stimulus ratings. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 52, 595–600.