My Turf Ads

This is crazy. I am attending a week-long conference in San Francisco and have been accessing my sites using a free wifi service provided by the conference committee. My sites run ads, one of them is Google Adsense. I noticed today that all my Adsense spaces have been replaced by totally unrelated stuff. When I hovered my cursor over the unwanted ads, it shows a link to Myturf Ads.

According to Myturfads website:

MyTurf is the only company that unites the geographic presence of local internet providers with advertisers and publishers to deliver hyper local, high value ad content.

Whether you’re a Publisher, Internet Provider or Advertiser, MyTurf puts you in better control of your turf, by directly linking you to the local consumer.

Unlike other so called, hyper local services that have to rely on consumer privacy invasive methods, MyTurf’s AdValue Platform dramatically improves the accuracy and value of consumer online advertising by delivering relevant, meaningful hyper localized content without compromising privacy.

So basically, the wireless ISP provider allowed MyTurf ads to strip out all Adsense units on my sites and to overlay their own. MyTurfads claims that it will localized and deliver relevant ads, which is not true. All ads that appeared on my “education” blog is about Proactive products. Adsense used to give much more relevant ads!

Is this legal at all? Why is MyTurfads reaping the fruits of my websites’ contents? All the high traffic I get is useless if MyTurfads, which I do not have an agreement with, is getting all the ad clicks — yes, getting a free advertising space!

Google Adsense monetization goes down the drain if all wireless ISP providers will allow companies like MyTurfads to intercept the ads.

What do you think of this?