Facebook statisitcs from www.socialbakers.com.

I was reading an article from the Philippine Star today mentioning that as of January 2011, there are 21,759, 280 Filipinos who are using Facebook. Another website that publishes Facebook weekly statistics by country listed the Philippines at no. 7 with the most number of FB users (23,446,700 as of April 2011) among over 200 countries. While it is obvious that Facebook has reached and penetrated every corner in the world and tremendously increased its number of users over the past year, the Philippines is surely contributing to its growth. Crunching at the numbers, the Philippines has added 1,044,220 users over the last two weeks, putting the country on the list of high percentage of growth.

Another shocking statistic is this: over the last 6 months, the Philippines has shown about 78% growth in users. That’s from 18 million in November 2010 to 23 million users in April 2011!
In Southeast Asia, it is Indonesia that takes the lead with 36,586,820 FB users and is ranked second in the world after the United States (with 155,348,540 users). However, in terms of population penetration, the Philippines ranks high with 23.47%, among countries with more than 100 million people. Only 15.06% of the 240 million people in Indonesia have FB accounts.

What is this for the Philippines? This means good times for those with online businesses or those who promote their companies online. Advertising on Facebook could be a good thing to reach the Filipino consumers. The table below shows Facebook brands statistics in the Philippines with Smart Communications, Inc. topping the list with 1,015,382 fans. The stats may not be complete, but it is clear that the more FB fans your business will have, the more people will know about your new products or services.

I have the feeling that by the end of this year, 100% of the online Filipino population will be on Facebook.

By the way, did I mention that 52% of the Facebook users in the Philippines are women?