Book Cover: Will The World End in 2012

I recently got a copy of the book Will The World End In 2012? by Dr. Raymon Hundley. Will the world really end on December 21, 2012? The book analyzes the circumstances and theories behind the predictions by studying the claims of scientists, theologians, technologists, and others. Dr. Hundley listed the arguments circulating right now regarding the coming doomsday.

1. The Mayan Factor – Mayan prophesies of the end of this age come from the abrupt ending of the Maya Long Count Calendar.

2. Solar storms – Scientists are saying that a massive solar storm will hit earth in 2012.

3. CERN and Large Hadron Collider – The experiments at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva could bore hole through planet Earth and destroy it.

4. Nostradamus predictions – Who isn’t familiar of Nostradamus? Followers of the prophet say that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

5. Reversal of North and South magnetic poles – The solar flares could cause the reversal of the North and South magnetic poles, causing chaos.

6. Earth Collides with Planet X – There are beliefs that our planet will collide with another planet in 2012.

7. Alignment of Earth with other bodies – There are beliefs that the alignment of the Earth with other galactic bodies such as the sun and planets could produce huge gravitational influences on Earth and could knock it off its axis.

8. Super Volcano eruption – Will a super volcano eruption happen next year that could cause Earth to heat up?

9. Web Bot Project – A study affirmed that futuristic trends through internet communications indicate major cataclysmic event in 2012.

10. Religion predictions – Is your religion one of those that think the date of the holocaust will come soon?

If any of these would happen, are you ready? Get a copy of the book and read what Dr. Hundley suggests you should do.

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