The title refers to the 4-piece chicken I ordered last night at Boss Pizza and Chicken in Brookings. Having tried different chicken recipes all my life and, the fact that I came from a “chicken-eating” country, I had high expectation that my order will be served perfectly seasoned, hot and crisp, and with a twist. The chicken came hot, but overly fried. It stayed too long in the deep fryer that I could even smell the burning aroma.

Boss Pizza and Chicken

And there was no twist to how the chicken was cooked. No magical taste that would make me wanna order for more. There was neither a dash of spiciness in it. In short, if I would consume the 4 pieces of chicken, all I get is a huge dose of fats.

Burned. Oily. Not even a gravy dip for more flavor. I was very disappointed with my first experience at Boss Pizza and Chicken. But I still left them a $5 tip for a $20 chicken meal for the service and hospitality.

Yes, the very fatty, oily chicken meal can kill you.