I have been wanting to see, read, search an old Facebook wall post that I had as my “status” months ago. I tried searching for the right button on my profile page, but all I got was the “older posts” arrow in the bottom of my wall. The problem is, if I have to go that far, I need to keep pressing it. That is such a pain.

In few of the forums I read online, it says that “Facebook does not provide any official tools to find out the older posts, and there is no any better shortcut to see your older posts very quickly.” So how will you search old Facebook wall posts and status updates? Use some apps and tricks!

Here are solutions I found:

1. Eliminate the constant pressing of the “older posts” arrow.

– Sign in to your account and go to your wall.
– Below is a Java script. Copy and paste it on the address bar and hit enter. This script will automatically press the “Older Posts” button every four seconds, displaying your older posts. When you see the old status you want, click the “X” button on your browser.

javascript:function showMore() {ProfileStream.getInstance().showMore(); setTimeout(showMore, 4000)} showMore();

Note: You can change the number “4000” to, for instance “1000”, depending on how far you would want to search.

2. Another option is to use a Facebook app to export and see all your old Facebook statuses.

– Search “Export my status updates” on Facebook. Grant the permission for the app to work. Once you have given the application the right permission, a CSV file will be downloaded. The saved file [via socialarchivist.com] will look like this.

Now that looks like a Facebook diary!

3. Try also “My status history” app. Others have been successful in downloading their old status updates. Here is the link to the fan page.

4. Here is another one – Archivedbook. I haven’t tried it, but based on user comments, the app works. Archivedbook features include:

* Surf old wall posts and status messages posted on the wall.
* Check the number of likes and comments posted on profiles.

Try the methods. Tell me if they work for you. Ciao.

[sources: www.anas.co.in and www.techtickle.com]