How to Remove Wibiya Toolbar From Your Blog

How will you remove the Wibiya toolbar? You can see on this blog that there is a toolbar that automatically appears at the bottom of the browser window — that’s the free Wibiya toolbar that contains applications you’ve set from the Wibiya website. I have been using the toolbar for many months now and recently decided to take if off my blog. Not that it is intrusive, in fact I loved it. I just wanted to clear some apps and give my blog a new clean face.

The problem? Removing (no installing is necessary as there was no installation done in the first place) the Wibiya toolbar is not possible at this time.

Even going to the Wibiya account settings does not help. There is no opt-out link available nor an option to delete your website from their system. WTF!

I wonder why it has to be like this. Those who just wanted to try how Wibiya toolbar works are now forever attached to it. There was not even a note during sign-up that once the website or blog gets into the Wibiya system, it will forever be part of it. Isn’t this a clear deceit to the webmasters or bloggers?

What is Wibiya’s take on this?

Update: I stand corrected. Removing the Wibiya toolbar was easy. Please read the first comment below.

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