There is only one cinema in Brookings, South Dakota, the Showcase Cinema 5 or popularly called Brookings Cinema 5. The number five on its name probably came from the number of cinema screens the establishment contains. There are 5 small screening rooms with each having less than 100 seating capacity (I think).
Since I am a frequent movie goer, I visit Brookings Cinema 5 almost every week, regardless of the day. Tuesday night is usually a discount night — you pay like $2 less. For regular nights, adults pay $8 and children is charged $6. This is probably cheaper compared to other cinemas in big cities outside SD.

In my country, a movie costs about $2 in a very good, high-tech cinema. So imagine how many movies could you watch for your $8. I remember one of my European friends who visited the Philippines and how we enjoyed going to movies like two times a week. Since he thought watching a movie in my country is cheaper than eating a simple burger meal in Europe, he, most of the time, paid for my ticket (including 2 of my friends).

Anyway, Brookings Cinema 5 needs a major renovation. It is not really a bad theater for a small town, but its interior is poorly designed. Each cinema only has one aisle, a center aisle, and nothing on the sides. If you happen to sit near the wall on a full-seat movie run, you’d find it hard to go out for nature’s call. The 5 rooms do not have balconies and orchestras. It is just one level that is elevated at the back. The elevation is not high enough for an Asian like me who, almost always, is blocked by bigger Americans seated in a front row. I needed to bend my head a little to get a good view of the screen.

There is only one main entrance to the five rooms, which also serves as a waiting section. When groups of school kids flock the area (like what happened tonight) it is so difficult to squeeze in.

By the way, what happens if Brookings Cinema 5 expands to 6 screens?

Address: City Plaza, 501 Plaza Dr., Brookings, SD 57006
Phone: (605)692-4412
Website: Brookings Cinema 5