It has been a while since the racial slur occurred. Yet the incident still continues to torment my days. There are times that I find myself staring blankly at the PC monitor and thinking about the racial discrimination I got because I ordered coffee mocha.

Forgetting is not easy since the incident happened in a place that I am starting to call home. The incident in New York, about two years ago, was easy to let go, since I only stayed there for a week and it is very unlikely that I’d be seeing the place again. But this one in Brookings may take months to heal.

Frankly, I am bothered. Some friends suggest that I should file a complaint or at least talk to the Admin officials on racial discrimination policies that may apply to my desire in reprimanding the culprit (I remember a hand-out that was given to me upon my arrival in SDSU — t’was on racism and how the university is against discrimination based on ‘color’.) I am still weighing the options I am getting from my family and friends on how to resolve this.

Today, when someone invites me for coffee at CW, I come up with fake reasons just to avoid encountering the racist lady employee.

It is sad and unfair. But life is sometimes like this. I think I just have to accept it.

Things like this makes me stronger.