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Browsing through every post and finding places to visit from articles that I’ve written over the years can be overwhelming. To help ease the process, I decided to categorize my posts by State, as you see below. All you need to do is find the State and click the link under it that interests you. The list of links is automatically updated each time a new article is posted.

If you are interested in visiting National Monuments, I have compiled a list here.

If you are interested in visiting National Parks, you will find the list here.


Four Corners National Monument is Where Four States Meet at a Point posted [06-24-2016]
There Is A Reason Why The "Grand Canyon National Park" is Called "Grand" posted [08-14-2015]
Listen to World Tunes Only at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona posted [08-04-2015]
Indeed, It Is A Painted Desert at the Petrified Forest National Park posted [07-30-2015]
Even From Afar, The White "San Xavier del Bac" Church Is Stunning posted [04-24-2015]
The Best Air and Space Museum to Visit in the Desert Southwest posted [01-16-2015]
9 Animals You Might Mistake as Real Inside the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, AZ posted [01-12-2015]
Yes, The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Does Not Impress Me Much posted [12-03-2014]


Are Cannibals Real? Cannibals Museum in San Diego Explains posted [09-02-2017]
Timken Museum of Art: One of the Finest Small Museums in the World posted [08-26-2017]
Kissing Statue in San Diego is One Attractive Stop Along the Seaport posted [07-10-2017]
Maritime Museum of San Diego: A Unique Experience On-board Historic Ships posted [07-06-2017]
A Visit You Should Never Miss in San Diego California: USS Midway Aircraft Carrier posted [07-05-2017]
One of the Largest Model Railroad Museums is in San Diego, California USA posted [07-02-2017]
Nothing's Special at San Diego History Center posted [06-27-2017]
Photos: Variety of Roses at the Rose Garden in San Diego posted [06-25-2017]
San Diego Museum of Art -- The Little Gem Inside Balboa Park posted [06-20-2017]
Don't Miss The House of Pacific Relations or International Cottages Center at Balboa Park posted [06-19-2017]
What To See Inside San Diego Natural History Museum (VIDEO) posted [06-17-2017]
What To Expect Inside the San Diego Botanical Building posted [06-15-2017]
Is San Diego Air & Space Museum Worth Visiting? posted [06-12-2017]
What's Inside the B-39 Submarine in San Diego Seaport (VIDEO) posted [06-08-2017]
Disheartening San Diego Museum of Man Exhibits posted [06-05-2017]
A Day at the San Diego Zoo posted [06-04-2017]
Bay Landing Hotel Review - San Francisco Bay Landing Hotel posted [12-17-2009]
10 Places to Visit and See in San Francisco in One Day posted [03-07-2009]


Escalante Pueblo Ruins Atop The Hill & Overlooking Dolores River posted [12-16-2016]
Preserving America's Biggest Ancestral Pueblo Site at Mesa Verde National Park posted [07-08-2016]
Winter in Fort Collins Colorado (PHOTOS) posted [06-26-2016]
Four Corners National Monument is Where Four States Meet at a Point posted [06-24-2016]
Kids Entertainment Destination is Fort Collins Museum of Discovery posted [05-04-2016]
Visit House #2057 and Find Starr Kempf Sculpture Garden posted [04-15-2016]
With Its Grandeur, No Wonder Why It Is Called The Garden Of The Gods posted [04-08-2016]
Scenes Passing Through Colorado's I-70 Plus The Eisenhower Tunnel posted [04-28-2008]


Inside NASA Kennedy Space Center In Florida posted [02-05-2015]
The Child In Me At The Universal Studios Resort In Orlando Florida posted [02-24-2010]
Watching The Last Space Shuttle Endeavour Night Launch posted [02-08-2010]


The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Belleville, Illinois (PHOTOS) posted [03-29-2017]
Visit the One and Only Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois posted [04-05-2016]
Museum of Science and Industry Is One Of Chicago's Landmarks posted [05-24-2015]
Yes, Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is Open Even in Snowy Winters posted [02-17-2015]
Belleville Illinois Way of Lights at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows posted [12-27-2010]
If You Only Have A Few Hours To See Places In Chicago posted [06-19-2007]


One Day Road Trip From South Dakota to Minnesota to Iowa and Back posted [02-10-2011]
Grotto of the Redemption - West Bend Iowa - A Tourist Attraction posted [08-18-2010]


Emerging Hand and Feet of the Awakening Sculpture at the National Harbor, Maryland posted [01-04-2015]


Harvard University Trip Still Lingers On posted [02-28-2013]
Boston, Massachusetts, I Shall Come Back posted [06-12-2007]
Quick Visit at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts posted [05-29-2007]


A Bisdak Rendezvous With Carlota posted [08-03-2007]


Pipestone National Monument is a Hidden Gem in Minnesota posted [05-14-2016]
That Cherry At The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden posted [05-28-2014]
Cross Country Soaring: Best Gliding Experience in Faribault Minnesota posted [08-10-2011]
One Day Road Trip From South Dakota to Minnesota to Iowa and Back posted [02-10-2011]


Canoeing and Camping at Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri posted [03-24-2015]
Get Lost Inside The Saint Louis Art Museum in Missouri posted [02-15-2015]
Learn the History of Missouri at the Missouri History Museum in Saint Louis posted [02-01-2015]
Embrace The Quirky Jungle Gym That Is The City Museum In Saint Louis posted [12-28-2014]
See Saint Louis Missouri Atop The Gateway Arch posted [10-15-2012]
Hotels and Motels Near Ozark National Scenic Riverways MO posted [11-27-2011]


Trip With Great Friends At The Mountains of Montana posted [07-27-2014]


The Best Zoo In The World Is Henry Doorly Zoo In Omaha, Nebraska posted [03-24-2015]
Photo Blog: Bored Cats At Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo posted [07-10-2013]
Sandhills Nebraska Is Nature At Its Best! posted [07-14-2007]


There's Free Parking at Hoover Dam and Never Pay For One posted [11-23-2016]
Night Stroll in Las Vegas, Nevada posted [09-09-2016]

New Mexico

Review: Why the Chinese Lantern Festival in Albuquerque New Mexico is Worth Checking Out posted [10-25-2017]
Spend a Night at the Aguirre Spring Campground in Las Cruces, New Mexico posted [09-02-2017]
Rare Religious Collection at Basilica of San Albino Museum in Mesilla, New Mexico posted [07-02-2017]
Veterans Memorial Park in Las Cruces New Mexico posted [05-16-2017]
What Is Inside The Hermit's La Cueva in Las Cruces New Mexico posted [03-07-2017]
Four Corners National Monument is Where Four States Meet at a Point posted [06-24-2016]
Organ Mountains National Monument Captivates in Las Cruces New Mexico posted [05-22-2016]
11 Less-Seen Places and Attractions in New Mexico You May Want to Visit posted [03-29-2016]
Rent a Room at the Environmentally-Friendly Buildings "Earthship Biotecture" in Taos New Mexico posted [03-25-2016]
These Are The Top 14 Best Museums To Visit in New Mexico posted [03-03-2016]
10 Things That Make You Love Downtown Santa Fe Plaza in New Mexico posted [01-19-2016]
Travel Review: Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe posted [01-10-2016]
11 Things To See And Do Around Las Cruces New Mexico posted [01-07-2016]
Review: Geronimo Springs Museum in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico posted [01-01-2016]
List of the 14 Wars America Fought: See it at the Veterans Memorial Park in Truth or Consequences posted [12-24-2015]
Visiting San Miguel Mission, An Old Catholic Church in Socorro, New Mexico posted [12-21-2015]
Best Time To Visit The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe posted [12-13-2015]
Sandhill Cranes Cover The Skies Inside Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge posted [12-11-2015]
Oldest House In The U.S. Is In Santa Fe, New Mexico posted [11-30-2015]
Very Large Array Giant Dish Antennas Scoop Radio Waves Like No Other in the World posted [11-28-2015]
Not Worth Visiting: The Museum of Spanish Colonial Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico posted [11-22-2015]
The Miraculous Stairs Inside Loretto Chapel Defies Engineering Logic posted [11-16-2015]
Oldest Church in the U.S. is the San Miguel Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico posted [11-12-2015]
Review: Mesilla Valley Art Gallery in New Mexico posted [11-11-2015]
Tent Rocks National Monument And Its Plethora of Amazing Sceneries posted [11-08-2015]
Is Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe New Mexico Worth Visiting? posted [11-08-2015]
The Stone Art at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site Were Drawn by Jornada Mogollon People posted [11-07-2015]
Will The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico Appeal To You posted [11-05-2015]
Where To Park For Free in Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico posted [11-04-2015]
Travel Review: Santa Fe Botanical Garden Visit Was A Dismay posted [11-01-2015]
New Mexico History Museum Merges With Palace of the Governors To Become One Attraction in Santa Fe posted [10-27-2015]
New Mexico Museum of Art Building Showcases Spanish Pueblo Revival Architecture posted [10-24-2015]
There is a Reason to Visit the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico posted [10-20-2015]
The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico Offers Diverse Native Arts posted [10-19-2015]
Nothing Compares to the Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta posted [10-16-2015]
Black and Red Lava at The Valley of Fires in Carrizozo, New Mexico posted [10-13-2015]
It's More Than Just A Hike At The Bandelier National Monument In Los Alamos, New Mexico posted [10-12-2015]
The Trinity Site and Historical Monument Commemorates The Event That Changed The World posted [10-03-2015]
Landscape Gardens in Las Cruces, New Mexico is Owned by NMSU posted [09-21-2015]
Location and Address of the Giant Roadrunner Sculpture in Las Cruces Found (Finally!) posted [09-07-2015]
Review of Hatch Chili Festival in New Mexico: Visiting The Chili Capital of the World posted [09-05-2015]
You'll Never Learn Native American Culture Unless You Visit the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center posted [08-26-2015]
Albuquerque BioPark Zoo is Small But Beautiful posted [08-13-2015]
A Three-Day Travel Plan, Guide, and Schedule When Traveling To Albuquerque, New Mexico posted [08-05-2015]
The Sad State of the Alameda Park Zoo in Alamogordo, New Mexico posted [07-24-2015]
The First Selfie: Shroud of Turin Exhibit and Museum in New Mexico posted [07-24-2015]
Ruidoso River Museum in New Mexico, Small But Informative posted [07-24-2015]
Fox Cave is a Geology Paradise in Glencoe, New Mexico posted [07-17-2015]
Laboratory of Dr. Robert Goddard, Father of Space Age, At Roswell Museum and Art Center posted [07-10-2015]
An Experience at the UFO Light Parade and Festival in Roswell, New Mexico posted [07-09-2015]
World's Largest Pistachio Monument, Only in Alamogordo New Mexico posted [07-07-2015]
Enchanting Colors of Metal Works and Wood Carvings in Ruidoso, New Mexico posted [07-05-2015]
The Hype About The International UFO Museum and Research Center posted [07-05-2015]
A 1905 Carlsbad Scale Replica Inside Carlsbad Museum and Art Center posted [07-04-2015]
Experience Breathtaking Sights and Sounds Inside Carlsbad Caverns National Park posted [06-24-2015]
A Look Inside The Space Murals Museum in Organ, New Mexico posted [06-10-2015]
Deming Luna Mimbres Museum Offers The Most Diverse Collections For A Small-Size Town posted [04-30-2015]
Raw Geodes At The Basin Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum in Deming posted [04-29-2015]
New Mexico Museum of Space History is the Little Museum Atop a Hill posted [04-19-2015]
Hike and Climb at the City of Rocks State Park in Faywood, New Mexico posted [04-04-2015]
New Mexico State University: NMSU Museum Lacks Glitter posted [04-01-2015]
The Hidden Jewels of Mesilla, New Mexico posted [03-22-2015]
Zuhl Museum at New Mexico State University is Where Rocks Come Alive posted [03-18-2015]
It's Cowboy Day At New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum posted [03-08-2015]
Renaissance Arts Faire in Las Cruces, New Mexico Feels So Yesterday! posted [02-18-2015]
Guide To Visiting The Dripping Springs Natural Area in Las Cruces, New Mexico posted [01-26-2015]
Making Snow Footprints in Las Cruces, New Mexico posted [01-22-2015]
Smithsonian-Affiliated Museums in Las Cruces New Mexico Are Worth Visiting posted [01-14-2015]
Take A Ride Inside World's Longest Aerial Tramway At Sandia Peak Tramway, Albuquerque, New Mexico posted [11-29-2014]
White Sands Missile Range Museum And Park Amazing Displays posted [11-28-2014]
Why Visit The White Sands National Monument in New Mexico posted [11-26-2014]
Historic Etches on Stones At Petroglyph National Monument, Albuquerque New Mexico posted [11-12-2014]
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque, New Mexico Is A Beautiful Surprise posted [10-21-2014]
Experience The Flavor Of Old Albuquerque At The Old Town District New Mexico posted [10-21-2014]
Albuquerque New Mexico's Museum of Natural History and Science Is More Oriented For Children posted [10-20-2014]
It Could Have Been An Amazing Experience At The Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Festival posted [10-09-2014]

New York

Sight-Seeing New York City When You Only Have Less Than A Week To Spend posted [03-05-2016]
X2O Xaviars Restaurant by the Hudson Bay, in the Heart of Downtown Yonkers posted [02-26-2016]
New York City's Washington Square Park, Union Square, and Madison Square Park posted [02-20-2016]
How is New Year's Eve in New York's Time Square posted [02-15-2016]
St. Patrick’s Cathedral Has Stood the Test of Time posted [02-10-2016]
Grand Central Terminal is the Largest Train Station in the World posted [02-01-2016]
Winter Time at Central Park in Manhattan, New York City posted [01-30-2016]
Most Beautiful Photos of The Statue of Liberty posted [01-28-2016]
Crowded Christmas At The Rockefeller Center And Plaza posted [01-25-2016]
9/11 Memorial and Museum, One World Trade Center, and Oculus Building -- All in One Visit posted [01-20-2016]
10 Facts You Should Know About The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City posted [01-15-2016]
What You Expect To See Inside The American Museum of Natural History in New York City posted [01-14-2016]
Because In Buffalo New York, Niagara Falls Is The Star posted [02-08-2015]
Lord Amherst Hotel Review - Buffalo New York posted [08-27-2010]
A Bronx Zoo Experience of a Lifetime posted [03-07-2009]
New York Aquarium & The Entertaining Sea Lion Show posted [07-04-2007]
Manhattan New York: Visiting The City That Never Sleeps posted [06-19-2007]

South Dakota

Best for Fishing: Oakwood Lakes State Park in Brookings South Dakota posted [09-09-2017]
Have You Visited These Attractions Tourists Flock To See in Southwestern South Dakota? posted [02-27-2016]
Brookings, South Dakota Is Made Of These (People, Places, and Events I Surely Will Miss) posted [09-04-2014]
Mammoth Site of Hot Springs in South Dakota is the World’s Largest Columbian Mammoth Exhibit posted [06-17-2014]
Bear Country USA Surprises Visitors With Presence of Elks, Wolves, and Mountain Lions posted [06-10-2014]
South Dakota Air and Space Museum is for Aviation Enthusiasts posted [05-19-2014]
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Is More Enjoyable In Summer posted [05-17-2014]
Wildlife Loop At Custer State Park South Dakota Is Where An Array Of Wildlife Exists posted [05-16-2014]
Boxwork Formation Only At The Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota posted [05-16-2014]
The Tourist-Luring Wall Drug Attraction in South Dakota posted [05-12-2014]
Loving Cottonwood Bistro in Brookings, South Dakota posted [04-06-2014]
Strawberry-Picking in Brookings, South Dakota posted [04-04-2014]
Snow-Covered Trees Make Brookings, South Dakota Winters Beautiful posted [12-19-2013]
Badlands National Park: "Que Lindo...Que Lindo" posted [07-27-2013]
Hobo Days 2012 Parade - A Centennial Celebration in Brookings SD (Photos) posted [10-27-2012]
A Day At The Sioux Falls South Dakota Airshow 2012 (PHOTOS) posted [07-23-2012]
Brookings Summer Arts Festival - Celebrate The Pinoy Way posted [07-03-2012]
Skating at the Larson Ice Center, Brookings SD posted [10-07-2009]
Colors of McCrory Gardens, Brookings 2009 posted [08-25-2009]
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Still Is Amazing On Winter posted [01-11-2009]
World's Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota is a Big Disappointment posted [01-08-2009]
Dance To The Beat of Pow-Wow Celebration in Flandreau, South Dakota posted [07-27-2007]


Best Hiking Spot in Texas is at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park posted [05-15-2016]
The El Paso Holocaust Museum, Small Yet Still Moves Me posted [09-28-2014]


Canyonlands National Park Is A Gem That Puts The Grand Canyon to Shame posted [07-31-2016]
Hoodoos and Spires at the Bryce Canyon National Park posted [06-29-2016]
Four Corners National Monument is Where Four States Meet at a Point posted [06-24-2016]
All The Exquisite Arches and More Moab, Utah Has To Offer posted [06-08-2009]
Road-Tripping Recommended posted [05-20-2008]


Old Town Alexandria: Its King Street, Historic Buildings And Beautiful Sunset posted [01-10-2015]

Washington DC

Outstanding Sculptures at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden posted [04-13-2015]
What's Inside: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate posted [01-22-2014]
What's Inside The U.S. Botanic Garden Museum (PHOTOS) posted [12-29-2013]
Quotes On The Ceiling of The Library of Congress (Photos) posted [12-27-2013]
The U.S. Capitol, the Walk in the Park, and the Washington Monument posted [01-05-2013]
The Library of Congress Inside and Out posted [01-04-2013]
The Art of Indigenous Peoples at the National Museum of the American Indian posted [01-04-2013]
No Better Collection of Aviation History Than in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum posted [01-03-2013]
Enjoying "1600 Pennsylvania Ave" At Night posted [01-02-2013]
National Gallery of Art is the Flagship of Washington DC's World-Class Museums posted [01-02-2013]
The Evolution of Humans Inside The National Museum of Natural History (PHOTOS) posted [01-01-2013]
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Museum of African Art, Freer Gallery of Art, and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery -- All in One posted [12-31-2012]
A Million Collection Inside the National Museum of American History posted [12-30-2012]
National Portrait Gallery and Gallery of American Art: Two Museums in One posted [12-29-2012]


Dinosaurs and Ice-Age Mammals At University of Wisconsin Geology Museum posted [04-03-2015]
10 Things To See At Wisconsin Historical Museum posted [12-03-2014]
Milwaukee Art Museum: Amazing Art Collection posted [08-10-2012]
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Shows What Civil War Collection Is About posted [06-05-2012]


Yellowstone National Park Is About Geysers and Wildlife posted [08-20-2014]
Devil's Tower National Monument Is Pure Beauty And Wonderment posted [07-28-2014]