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"I have a Ph.D. degree. I love to travel, visit museums, national parks, and places few people know. I share my travel stories and more on this blog. I metamorphose into an archaic-photo enthusiast in most times, which allows me to cherish forgotten sagas of life. Numbers and complex solutions fuel me. When lonely, I crave for invisibility."

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Is Terry Lakin Brainless?

Thanks CNN’s host Anderson Cooper for showing to us that Terry Lakin, a U.S. Army officer who refuses to follow President Obama’s orders, has no brain at all. Pardon me, but that is how I see it after watching an episode of CNN last night. Lakin did not answer simple…

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The Vertical Self Book Review

I am the kind of reader who does not stick to just one type of book. I may be a fiction lover, but I also have a collection of self-help, inspirational, and religious books. “The Vertical Self” by Mark Sayers that I just finished reading, will stay on top of…

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Comedian Adam Carolla – Forever Racist

Damage has been done Adam Carolla! Whatever you say today or tomorrow, however you say your apology, you will forever be known as racist. Filipinos will always label you as the one who is demeaning and an “ignorant fool.” If you don’t know anything about the country, then shut up…

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