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"I have a Ph.D. degree. I love to travel, visit museums, national parks, and places few people know. I share my travel stories and more on this blog. I metamorphose into an archaic-photo enthusiast in most times, which allows me to cherish forgotten sagas of life. Numbers and complex solutions fuel me. When lonely, I crave for invisibility."

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Old Photos

Old Photo of the Chippewa Motel

The Chippewa Motel has been at 7880 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO on Historic route 66 since 1938. It began with 13 units advertised as tourists cottages. Each cottage, which came with running water and access to community bath areas, costs $150 per night. Over the years, the complex grew to…

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Museum Collections

How Ancient Pitstructure Were Made

Pitstructures are pits that were dug into the native soil, then given finished walls and a timbered roof and furnished with features such as central hearths, partitions, and storage cists. Most pitstructures are believed to have been shared by one to several households. Families lived part of the time in…

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