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Why Being Abroad is Not All Bed of Roses

Here I am, taking the seat at the corner, the only elevated area of the coffee shop. I never take this seat unless nothing else is available. I always have this unusual feeling when elevated, like being stared at (although I do not possess the charming looks people would want to even take a glance at), jeered at (I’m thinking too much), and pestered by rowdy and vicious juveniles (alright, let me jog my memory — crumpled.

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Heaven Is Not Only Made For Catholics

God should punish those who fakely preach his words. There is a pastor’s daughter who often talks religion and God. From the outside, she flaunts an aura of virginity, untouched. But behind the white veil hides a flirty lady who goes after men, invites them in her home and sleeps with them whenever she gets a chance.

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Gone But Never Forgotten

The doctors said there was no hope for recovery because of too many complications. For three days in the ICU, daddy was fighting for his life under all the hoses connected to him. Manoy Wingwing, my older brother who watched him all day and night, had witnessed how daddy suffered in a very dire condition.

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