I was walking around Santa Fe, New Mexico Plaza looking for food when I saw this line of people waiting to take their orders at this small mobile food cart called “Roque’s Famous Carnitas.” I could smell the aroma of grilled food from few meters away. So I went closer and peeked at the what the guy (named Roque) was preparing. He was preparing steak carnitas!

I joined the queue and ordered the special beef carnitas with green pepper, onion, and a lot of spicy, pico de gallo sauce.

I sat at a bench in the plaza and enjoyed my lunch with everybody else. A huge portion plus excellent flavor for only $6 would never disappoint.

There are so many good restaurants around the plaza in Santa Fe, however, skip that restaurant fair. Try the hometown favorite and be treated with Roque’s food. Believe me, this would be the best street food you will find in Santa Fe.


On the Plaza at Washington and Palace, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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