How exactly do you describe the Bryce Canyon National Park? Beautiful is an understatement. Among all canyon forms I’ve seen and visited, the Bryce Canyon National Park is like no other. It seems like the southwestern Utah had been hit by a unique magical wand that created the colorful hoodoos and spire-shaped rocks. I have never seen so many towering spires in one place than at the Bryce Canyon National Park!

The moment I entered the park, I knew that something different awaits me. From a distance, there was this long railing that spanned from two different ends of the park. There were lines of visitors leaning on the railing and viewing something down below. It was this…



As I moved from one view point to another, the scenery changed.



As if viewing the Bryce from atop isn’t good enough, there is a trail that leads visitors down the canyon. For the physically-challenged, taking the hike on the sloping trail may not be the best option for you.




The trail twisted and turned in between massive hoodoos.




They call this “Two Bridges.” This is one point of interest along the Navajo Loop.


If you want to experience the amazing hoodoos up close, hike into the canyon.

The Bryce Canyon National Park should be part of every traveler’s destination.  Either you’re driving from Las Vegas or Salt Lake City, stop by at Bryce.   If hiking a trail or two is fine with you, then a half a day at the park is enough.  The nearest highway is US 89.


When visiting on summer months, bring plenty of water. Bryce Canyon could become so hot especially in mid afternoons and while hiking in the canyons. No restrooms along the trail, so do your thing before starting the long hike.

Unlike in the Arches National Park where you hardly find a shade, in the Bryce Canyon, trees were plenty. Table and benches were everywhere for picnic-goers.


Where to stay.

There are a number of hotels in Bryce, Utah that are just minutes away from the Bryce Canyon National Park. However, these hotels could be pricey, no less than $100 a night. If you would not mind staying a little farther away and save half a price, stay at Panguitch, Utah. It’s about 25 minutes drive to the park.

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