Unlike the much bigger Albuquerque city up north, Las Cruces New Mexico down south is less crowded. Also, when in Las Cruces, you get this friendlier feeling each time you visit a cafe or a restaurant. With mild winters, you can do so many outdoor things in Las Cruces practically all year round. Most importantly, its strategic location makes it easy to travel to smaller towns like Silver City, Deming, Ruidoso, Cloudcroft, and even to El Paso, Texas.

The city of Las Cruces is also in proximity with a number of beautiful attractions around the area.

Are you thinking of moving to or visiting Las Cruces?

Here are 11 things you can see or do around or in Las Cruces.

1. All White at the White Sands National Monument.

There is nothing like seeing the vast glistening white sands in all its natural wonders.
white-sands-new-mexico 5
Read about the White Sands National Monument and see more photos.

2. Missile displays at the White Sands Missile Range Museum and Park.

See a wide range of missile and rocket displays at the park.
Read about the White Sands Missile Range Museum and Park and see more photos.

3. Visit the four Smithsonian-Affiliated Museums.

The Branigan Cultural Center, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Nature and Science and the Railroad Museum are the four Smithsonian-affiliated museums in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Las Cruces Museum
Read about the four museums and see more photos.

4. Annual Renaissance Arts Faire.

One of the biggest Arts Faire in the State is the Renaissance Arts Faire. This is usually held in November.
Renaissance ArtsFaire3
Read about the Renaissance Arts Faire and see more photos.

5. Nature at its best at the Dripping Springs Natural Area.

There is a 6-mile trail that will lead you to interesting historical structures and dripping waters at the mountain top.
Read about the Dripping Springs Natural Area and see more photos.

6. New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

Aside from the gallery exhibits and artifacts to enjoy, the museum has so much things to offer both for the young and old.
New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum 16
Read about the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum and see more photos.

7. One-of-a-kind Zuhl Museum at New Mexico State University.

This is the home of the Zuhl Collection that contains over 1,800 beautiful specimens of petrified wood, fossils and minerals.
petrified wood 1
Read about the Zuhl Museum and see more photos.

8. A 10-minute drive to Mesilla, New Mexico.

The old historic town is just less than 10-minute drive from Las Cruces.
Billy the kid Mesilla NM
Read about Mesilla, New Mexico and see more photos.

9. Stop by the Giant Roadrunner Sculpture.

This is roadrunner monument made from recycled materials that stand along I-10.
Recycled Roadrunner Sculpture
Read about the Giant Roadrunner Sculpture and see more photos.

10. Las Cruces Farmers Market and Crafts.

A gathering of local farmers selling their produce and artists selling their fine arts.
las-cruces-farmers-market 6
Read about the Las Cruces Farmers Market and Crafts and see more photos.

11. The best coffees are in town.

Las Cruces has quite a number of best coffee shops to choose from.
Read about the best coffee shops in Las Cruces and see more photos.

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