There is a new free software called EnMap Box that incorporates Random Forest (RF) as one of its capabilities. It is a user-friendly software that you can download from the EnMap Box website.

The developers of the software published a paper about the new tool. You can read all about it here.

The EnMAP-Box was mainly developed in IDL for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and distributed with an open source license.

Random Forest is integrated into EnMap Box via imageRF, an IDL based tool for the supervised classification and regression analysis of remote sensing image data. It implements the machine learning approach of Random Forests that uses multiple self-learning decision trees to parameterize models and use them for estimating categorical or continuous variables.

Those who would want to learn more and perform Random Forest using the EnMap Box, an easy-to-follow tutorial guide and manual is provided here.

If you have questions or problems in using the imageRF, leave a message below. I might be able to give you answers since I have used the tool myself.