Fine-grained stretch of white sand, the crystal-clear and pristine blue-green waters, kaleidoscopic display of paraw boats, the fresh briskly wind brushing your face, the gastronomic seafood served along the shore- these are just few reasons why people keep on coming back and the reasons why travel magazines tag this place as one of the best beaches in the World: Boracay.

A 45-min plane ride from the capital will take you there. There are two gateways in going there, the Kalibo and the Caticlan airport and in less than an hour from the aiport, Hurrah! Welcome to Paradise! Welcome to Boracay, Island.

Boracay is situated in the Western Visayas Region of the Philippines.


A stretch of beach.

Boracay Beach is a long stretched beach and is divided into 3 stations. The 1st station is the most pricey of all where the first class hotels are located. The 2nd station is where you can go shopping, good food and hit yourself with relaxing beach front massage, and station 3 is for those travelers who are budget conscious.


Party all night.

The Night Party in Boracay is like no other.

Or if you just choose to wander at night, you’ll never get bored too.

Two of the watersports you can try.



Gaze at the sunset.

The most epic and one of, if not the best, sunsets ever in this side of the world.

Food is served in massive quantities, so expect to gain weight after your Boracay travel.

There more things to do in Boracay than what are shown and written above such as snorkeling, diving, cliff jumping, island hopping and reverse bungee ride as the latest one. There is no argument that once you have seen and experienced its beauty, you will surely come back and ask for more.

Who wouldn’t, by the way? :)

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