Driving my way to Alamogordo from Roswell, New Mexico, something caught my attention along US 70. Few shops along the route were selling colorful metal works and wooden carvings. They were so mesmerizing that I had to stop and check them out.

While checking the handicraft and taking pictures, a young guy named Fidel started talking to me. He said that his parents started the business many years ago. Everything in the shop is hand-painted. I asked him if he has carved something for sale, he said no. However, he said that his skill is leaning more on the painting than the carving. He added that every item in the shop is unique, in terms of the application of the colors.

Fidel then showed me an old-looking bear carving. He enthusiastically shared that it was the first ever wooden carving the shop has made years and years back. He even showed me the rear area of the shop where all the handwork was done.

Artwork so inviting.

metal-art 1

Fidel’s shop.

metal-art 11

Dogs say “pick us.”

metal-art 12

That’s Fidel talking to customers.

metal-art 13

In varying sizes.

metal-art 14

Huge frogs.

metal-art 15

And parrots everywhere.

metal-art 16

Don’t you just love a monkey on a bike?

metal-art 17

A rooster as tall as me.

metal-art 18

After minutes of talking, Fidel asked where I was from, originally. When I answered “Philippines”, his eyes lighted and inquired about “balut” (a boiled egg with a developing duck embryo inside). He told me that he has seen it on TV and would love to try it someday.

If you want to see Fidel’s metal works shop, it is located in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I don’t have the exact address, but if you are driving from Alamogordo going to Ruidoso, it is about an hour or so away. It is located on your left. With the vibrant colors, you will never miss the place!

The prices? A large hanging parrot (2nd photo from the top) costs $59.

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