I drove by the Space Murals Museum in Organ, New Mexico a number of times, but never decided to stop and check it out. From the road, the museum is just like any small residential structure in the area. Nothing spectacular. Until you go inside.

Bored one Saturday afternoon with nothing to do, I finally decided to visit. So, I called the museum to check if they are open. Someone named Ben answered the call and told me that he’d be glad to have me. It was about 20 minutes of no-traffic driving from my place to Organ, New Mexico.

I entered the Space Murals Museum and realized that I was the only visitor that afternoon. Even Ben was not there when I arrived. He was at the back of the building cleaning the pond. After about 5 minutes or so, he entered the museum, saw me, and then apologized for missing to welcome me. I said “no problem” with a smile.

He then gave a short intro about the museum. He told me that it is privately owned by Lou Gariano. The owner has collected some NASA space artifacts and decided to share them to the public. Some knick-knacks were donated by space enthusiasts and astronauts.

It has a wall full of autographed publicity photos of astronauts.


It has a varied collection of miniature planes and rocket models.

space-murals-museum1 space-murals-museum5

This is a space station water tank.


Every corner tells a space story.


The Titanium Fuel Cell that was used on the Apollo and Skylab mission.


Outside lay a number of rocket artifacts and a model of NASA Challenger.



Why call the museum a Space Murals Museum? This.


At the back is a mural that is around a gigantic water storage tank.


Painted are astronauts and some other insignia from space missions.


Lastly, if you bring your kids, there is a place for them.


Since there is no entrance fee, it would be nice to leave a little donation in the tip jar. Or maybe buy something from their amazing gift shop.

Recommended for a road-trip stop!

Address: 12450 Hwy 70 E. Organ, New Mexico
Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 6PM; Sunday from 10AM to 6PM
Phone: 575-382-0977

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