It is a beautiful, old sparkling white church that attracts you even from afar. It is the 17th-century San Xavier del Bac Church in Tucson, Arizona. This immaculate white Mission mixes European, Mexican and Native American styles in its overall appearance and feel. Seeing this beautiful edifice in the middle of a desert is impressive, to say the least.



Admire the inside.

The inside feels like being inside a big cathedral. Many of the statues are carved from wood and artfully painted.



IMG_3134 IMG_3139

Telling the story.

There is a museum that will give you a glimpse into the history of the church and those people who lived in the Sonoran Desert.

IMG_3151 IMG_3152

The building is amazing with its shrines and chapels.

Chapels are dedicated to religious martyrs.

IMG_3146 DSC_9900

Food and souvenirs in front.

If you visit on weekends, there are all types of vendors at the huge open space in front of the church.



Take a short walk.

To the right side of the church is little hill where you can hike and see a little memorial shrine.

A view from the back of the church.


I did enjoy my visit. The church is still an active place of worship. However, Catholic or not, religious or not, the Mission San Xavier del Bac is something not to miss in Tucson. From downtown Tucson, it is just a 20-minute drive.

Address: 1950 W. San Xavier Rd., Tucson, AZ 85746
Phone Number: 520-294-2624
Entrance and Admission Fee: FREE
Parking Location: Vast space in front of the church

Hours the Mission Church is open to the public: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm daily (The Mission church will be unavailable at certain times because of special services.)

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