As the tagline says “Where Rocks Come Alive.”

The Zuhl Museum at New Mexico State University is the home of the Zuhl Collection that contains over 1,800 beautiful specimens of petrified wood, fossils and minerals. The museum is a hidden jewel inside the NMSU campus.

A small museum with walls covered with a collection of beautifully polished and impressive petrified wood.

petrified wood 1

petrified wood 2

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I have been to many museums, but this, so far, contains the largest collection of petrified wood.

This Araucaria log fell in the forest over 200 million years ago.
petrified wood 3

This tree was preserved by burial in ash from volcano eruption in the Miocene era approximately 20 million years ago.
petrified wood 4

And look at this gold and brown 12-million-years-old beauty from east central Oregon creek! They were protected from burning by the swamps in which they grow.
petrified wood 5

It has pieces the size of walls!

This beautifully-colored wood fossil from Arizona is about 225 million years old.
petrified wood 6

Interesting dark and rich colors from this petrified wood from Nevada. Age estimated during the Cenazoic era.
petrified wood 7

The museum also contains world class fossils.

A sting ray fossil that dates 150 millions years back.
fossils 1

And this — amazing fossil! A crinoid, an animal that lived attached to the seafloor and filtered food from the water.
fossils 2 fossils 3

This 280-million-years-old fossil of the late Paleozoic amphibian that lived near fresh water.
fossils 4 fossils 5

It is called Trilobites. They were common invertebrate animals that lived in the Paleozoic seas. They were among the first animals to have legs and eyes.
fossils 6 fossils 7

And rocks and minerals that date as far back as 4 billion years ago.

This one weighs 200-250 lbs. It is the finest and most spectacular specimen of gem Chrysocolla ever found at the Ray Mine in Arizona.
gems 1

The Amethyst ‘cathedrals’ from Brazil.
gems 2

There are more amazing items at the Zuhl Museum!

To visit, it is located in the Alumni and Visitors Center at New Mexico State University. Admission is free.


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