“When I find myself in times of snowfall, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom ‘take some pics, take some pics’…”

I thought I will never see this much of snow again. When it first snowed in Las Cruces, New Mexico early in January, the snowfall made everyone so excited. Suddenly, kids were outside spreading their arms wide open, running in open spaces, smiling ear to ear, with parents taking pictures of their frolics. But as fast as the snow came, it was gone 10 minutes later, breaking everyone’s heart.

Today, January 22, 2015, I woke up with a grin on my face. The snow has come back! As of this writing, it is still snowing and there’s already at least 2 inches of snow on the ground.


Snow-covered roofs.


A view from my office.

I took my South Dakotan winter boots that have been set aside for quite sometime, put them on and pretended that it will be freezing cold outside. There may not be another snowfall like this in Las Cruces, I thought. Ergo, I better put these winter gears to use, enjoy the outside, and create some footprints in the snow. Unlike my days in the Brookings, South Dakota winters when I usually get to stamp footprints on the snow-covered walkways first, in Las Cruces, unfortunately, I did not get that chance. Two sets of somebody else’s footprints plus a dog’s have already made their marks.

Snow footprints.

Snow footprints.

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The park right across my apartment turned into a semi-Narnia. Gazing up toward the murky heavens as flakes slowly descent, blown by the caressing northeastern winds, I stared at the open space in front of me and murmured “Now, this is winter!”


Greens peeking.

Snow covers the park.

Snow covers the park.

Playground looks like this.

Playground looks like this.

Still and lonely.

Still and lonely.

This is winter in Las Cruces in all its grandeur. In every whisk of the breeze that blows the snow, hitting my face in a comforting assurance — this is enough for me to hope for many beautiful winters like this.


Water fountain still works.


Snow reflection.


Heavy branches.



Although I miss the South Dakota winters, and I may not be able to see something like this:


This is Brookings, SD.

Or this:


Find my car.

But here in Las Cruces, we have something similar…


Just enough snow.

It is beautiful. And this is fine with me.

Now, let me continue enjoying these flakes. I’ve heard, they’d be gone by tomorrow!

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