The City Museum in Saint Louis, Missouri is the most unusual museum I’ve visited so far. Quirky could be the word to describe it. If you are an adult expecting to see amazing ancient exhibits, you will be disappointed. This is not your typical museum. The City Museum is like a collection of recycled metallic stuff that have been turned into staircases, mazes, slides, etc., all designed to entertain the kids. However, the museum does not prohibit the adults to join the entertainment as well. Therefore, anyone can climb, crawl, explore, and go down the slides!

Here’s a description of what the museum really is, “Don’t take the name so literally. We’re about fun. Not your white walls, walk around, and be quiet museum. If you want to climb around, get active with your kids or are a big kid at heart, we’re the place. If you get freaked out easily, you might not want to come. We’re four floors filled with miles of tunnels, a full cave system, over 30 slides, a circus, an arts area, a large outdoor climbing space, Architectural Museum, a Cabin that serves adult beverages, a Museum of Mayhem, Mirth and Mystery, and a ton more. Also, there’s the roof with a Ferris Wheel and a bus hanging off its edge. Finally, just so you’re aware, The World Aquarium is not part of City Museum, but a non-profit located within us. There is an additional charge to go in their space.

Clearly, my nephew and niece loved all the tunnel crawling! Note: Keep an eye on your kids.

They can easily slip from your sight and enter a maze, and you’ll end up worried looking for them.

DSC_0022 DSC_0031



DSC_0036 DSC_0055


While metals abound inside the museum, there are also these:



DSC_0061 DSC_0040

There is also the interesting architectural room.


And a short circus show!


The outside attractions are even much crazier. Whoever did this has amazing creativity.

DSC_0065 DSC_0067




If you intend to visit with more than one kid, think twice. I suggest to have one adult per kid. It is better to bring someone who has enough energy to chase young kids around all day inside caves and hiding holes.


Address: 701 N 15th St, Saint Louis, MO 63103
Phone Number: +1 314-231-2489


Monday to Thursday – 9am till 5pm
Friday and Saturday – 9am till Midnight
Sunday – 11am till 5pm

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