Yeah, why study in a foreign land? What are the benefits of studying abroad? Having studied in the Netherlands and in the USA, I listed my own reasons below.

1. Outside the country, you could become independent. You learn the ropes of living on your own. You develop self-confidence. You mature emotionally and intellectually.

2. You have the grandest opportunity to meet and make lifelong friendships. With the communication technology at present, you can easily nurture the friendship wherever life would bring all of you after graduation.

3. Studying overseas helps you see a world outside your own, an environment from a completely new dimension. The most undecorated of things take on a new meaning when you are in a foreign land.

4. It broadens your cultural horizons. After two years in Europe, I now have a deep appreciation on how Dutch people live, Italians eat, Spanish nationals cook, French love their language, and Germans treasure history, among other things. You deepen your understanding on political and economic issues.

5. There are a wider extent of courses to choose from than offered at your home university.

6. It makes you more marketable in your field of expertise. You become adaptable to new surroundings and situations.

7. You pick up a new language. You improve your communication skills.

Studying abroad has its stressful moments as you have to fine tune to a new life and the environment. However, going through all these would only make you strengthen as an individual. Being abroad is a life-changing experience and in the end you would be proud of what you have achieved.