The Philippines is showing a poor score in the 2014 World Press Freedom Index released recently. The Philippines is ranked 149th out of 180 countries, that is two places down from last year’s 147th ranking. In 2012, we are at #140. Afghanistan is even atop us at 128th this year. What is happening to our state of press freedom?

I can only think of one reason, and it is even stated in the methodology used to compute the press freedom index: “They include the number of journalists, media assistants and netizens who were jailed or killed in the connection with their activities, the number of journalists abducted, the number that fled into exile, the number of physical attacks and arrests, and the number of media censored.” With the unceasing attacks and killings of our media men and the violations of freedom of information, no wonder our score and position is mediocre.


So what do we have to do Philippines?

SOURCE World Press Freedom Index