What a disappointment to know that the KTTW Fox channel isn’t offered in the Dish Network anymore due to the disagreement between KTTW Fox 7 and DISH Network about increase on rates. In the midnight of September 24th, Dish Network in South Dakota lost its local FOX channel, KTTW, and was replaced by this message on screen.


That is how Dish Network explained the broadcast interruption. I tried to call the customer service of DISH to inquire about how long with the interruption be. Surprisingly, the guy who answered the phone did not have an idea what I was talking about! He had to google first before he could attend to my inquiry. In the end, he didn’t have answers to my questions and I said goodbye to him with so much disappointment.

KTTW Fox 7 also explained its side with a long open letter from Ed Hoffman, the General Manager. Below is the full letter posted on the front page of the network’s website.


I wanted to offer you, our viewers, a bit more insight into the relationship between KTTW Fox 7 and DISH Network. I am familiar with what they are saying about the rates we want and that we have refused to offer them an extension while we continue to negotiate. I want to assure you that you are only getting half the story, and from only one perspective. We have over twenty deals in place with cable companies and DirecTV and all we are asking for is an agreement that is in line with them, an agreement that is fair, equitable and does not offer one company an unfair advantage. In regards to our not offering them an extension, both the law and our contract say that if a deal is not reached by the set deadline/expiration of existing contract, then, DISH, is not allowed to carry our programming In this case DISH explicitly told us that they would not negotiate at this time on certain points of disagreement. Without an opening for negotiation, granting an extension did not make sense. We can not express enough that we are only asking for what has already been established as fair in the market. I apologize once again to all of you and recognize that you are stuck in the middle. We are ready to do a deal at anytime, that is fair and reasonable. I have been trying to answer and take as many phone calls as I can as I enjoy the opportunity to inform people as to what is happening. If I have been unable to take your call again I apologize. Hopefully we will settle this soon and we can all move on. In the mean time, remember you have alternatives to receive our programming:

– for contact information on cable providers CLICK HERE
– to get DirecTV satellite service call 800-595-3489
– or Fox can be received over-the-air via antenna

Again, we here at Independent Communications, Inc. are willing and ready to agree to fair terms with DISH that cover our costs. As soon as that happens, we’ll let you know. Thank you for your support.

Ed Hoffman
General Manager

You are also advised to call DISH directly and say “I want my Fox”…the number is 1-888-926-5457.

So who are in the disadvantage side of this ongoing battle between FOX and Dish Network? We, the customers! There are so many shows and series that I follow on FOX that I cannot watch right now. Also, I am paying for a Dish Network subscription that includes the FOX channel (based on the 2-year contract I signed with them).

I hate this! I just wish Dish Network will pay for the rates, if they don’t want to lose customers. If this disagreement continues for weeks, the better option is to change cable subscription.

Here I come Mediacom!