Gab Valenciano

Introducing the newest global internet star, Gabriel Valenciano. Gab, as he is fondly called, is the second of three siblings by famous Filipino singer/composer/artist Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan. Gab Valenciano is well-known name in the Philippines as he a commercial model and is seen often on TV acting, dancing, and hosting.

Lately, Gab has become the talk of the internet after his “super selfie” videos on YouTube became viral. MSN and other international news outlets featured his fun videos!

First viral Super Selfie – The Dark Knight Dances (He has a signature pose at the very end of the video.)

Super Selfie – Jump

Happy Birthday MJ (A tribute to Michael Jackson)

Super Selfie Tune Squad by Gab Valenciano

The Super Selfie Supreme

The Dark Knight Dances Episode 2

This guy is talented, don’t you think so? Visit his channel on YouTube and see that there are more things he can actually do.

Photo Credit: ABS-CBN