We need to name this Filipino lady so we could properly acknowledge her for her work dedication! Called the “Funny Elevator Girl” in the video, she works as an elevator operator, bringing customers up and down the levels of the SM mall in Olongapo, a city located in the province of Zambales, Philippines.

The job is not at all easy. Feeling inside a box the whole time, asking customers their floor destination, and saying the name of the shops available on that level, can be dizzying at most times. But the woman made it all fun and easy.

I do not know why the video was labeled “Funny Elevator Girl”. Maybe by the way she speaks English. But who cares? Most people who commented on the video, praised and loved her. The lady operator shows what customer service really is.

When you visit SM Olongapo and you happen to be with her in the lift, don’t forget to thank her for her service.



Update: Her name is Cheridel Alejandrino. The viral video has reached SM Supermalls Executives. She was invited to have a courtesy call in SM Corporate office. She was given a Certificate Of Recognition. Look: