Here we go again! Remember Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos aka Ahcee Flores who posted comments on Yahoo saying she wants the Visayan people killed by the tsunami? Her comments sparked rage among Filipino netizens. Now here comes another person in the name of Darwin Marasigan who attacked Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Saudi Arabia via his Facebook comment in this posting.


Darwin Marasigan claimed that he used to be in Saudi Arabia but decided to leave the country because he did not like the system. He demeaned OFWs in KSA by saying they are dumb by working in a country that pays less than a factory worker in Singapore.

Is Darwin Marasigan a real person? Or is he just one of those internet trolls?

Those who have been hurt by the comments of Marasigan, created a FB page to personally condemn him and his below-the-belt remarks. The page even posted pictures of him. Here is one:

Baklang Darwin Marasigan

Update: Darwin Marasigan posted a note that it was not him posting all the unfair comments. He said that he can never do it to the OFW. He also said that someone might have hacked his Facebook account.