I love the name: Church of 100 Walls. The church is actually the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. The structure was built at the South Road Property to pay homage to the newly canonized Saint from Cebu, Pedro Calungsod.

New York-based, Filipino-Colombian architect Carlos Arnaiz said, “Each wall is different in height and width. No wall is the same. The inspiration was the notion of diversity. We wanted a church that represented what society is today. We wanted a church that stands for many paths, that wouldn’t be just one path to God. It’s also been called a forest of walls that you wander through, until you discover the center—a space of spiritual retreat and well-being.”

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Here is how the finished chapel looks like now.
Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

The chapel features a multipurpose hall, an Adoration chapel for the Tabernacle, a baptistry and a children’s room.