Filipino Paula Jamie Salvosa is the newest internet sensation after a video of her humiliating a female guard at the LRT station became viral. According to a news site ABS-CBN, the guard, Sharon Mae Casinas, requested Salvosa to place her bag on the conveyor machine for the required x-ray scanning. Salvosa, however, missed the process and hurriedly entered the station.

In the video originally posted by a Facebook user Gregory Paulo Llamoso, Salvosa was caught saying, “So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar? I’m a liar? Answer me!” At some point, she also mentioned, “Oh my God, she’s a liar. Oh my God, you’re a freaking liar, miss.”

Filipino netizens were disappointed of how Paula Jamie Salvosa handled the situation. People say that it was not the way an educated lady should behave. But what made Salvosa popular online was how she pronounced the line “I’m a liar” or “Amalayer”, which did not go unnoticed by the scrutinizing public. The hashtag “#amalayer” trended nationwide on Twitter.

Watch the video for the complete LRT rant: