How will Philippine Senator Tito Sotto respond to the letter issued by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights through RFK’s daughter, Kerry Kennedy? Will the Senator finally admit to his wrongdoing of plagiarizing Kennedy’s speech by translating it to Tagalog and presenting the words as his own?

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Here is a screenshot of the letter from Kerry Kennedy as posted on the news site Rappler.

And here is the letter that we need to disseminate and send to the members of the Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges. We have to let them know that we do not approve of Sen. Sotto’s misconduct.

Honorable Senator:

I am one of thousands of concerned Filipino citizens protesting the disreputable conduct of Senate Majority Leader Tito Sotto. I call on the Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges to address this important issue of ethics, integrity, and accountability. I believe Senator Sotto’s speeches unethically plagiarized and illegally infringed on intellectual copyright laws in the Philippines and in countries with whom we are connected through the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

I believe Sotto’s subsequent denials insulted the intelligence and dignity of Filipinos everywhere, and that his threats to censor his critics with the Cybercrime Act constitute an abuse of power and an attack on free speech. I believe that the Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges has the right, the mandate, and the courage to censure their colleague.

I believe in Philippine democracy, and call on you, the leaders we elected, to ensure its proper, just, and ethical function.

Send the letter to Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Gregorio Honasan, Loren Legarda, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Lito Lapid, and Joker Arroyo. Copy these email addresses:;;;;;;

SOURCE Rappler