We first heard of Mr. Robert Blair Carabuena a few months ago assaulting an MMDA Traffic Enforcer. Now, here comes his patron, John Paul Encinas.

Mr. John Paul Encinas attacked a lady cashier of a restaurant after he was asked to pay for the food he ate. The surveillance video showed Encinas grabbing the woman, pouring water on her, and even forcing her to eat the paper bills!

Video footage:

Update: Mr. John Paul Encinas talked to Philippine TV Network, GMA 7, saying he became furious after the woman badmouthed him in front of other customers.

Mr. John Paul Encinas does not look and sound apologetic at all. Watch the interview:

What do you think of Mr. Encinas’ attitude?

Update 2: Unconfirmed news: JOHN PAUL C. ENCINAS is now in police custody after Mayor Lim ordered his arrest. Can anyone post a news link in the comment to confirm this? Thanks.

Update 3: A certain Billy HerMosura, who claimed to have known Mr. Encinas personally, posted a comment defending Mr. Encinas’ action. You can read the comment here. He also posted a video in defense of his friend. Is Billy HerMosura’s reasoning right?