I am not fond of using Terms of Endearment when calling a loved one. I think it is cheesy, so I prefer addressing someone by name. There are many couples I know who use words of endearment. In fact, my sister and her husband use the term “babe” to show their affection to each other.

My opinion is, girls like to use “Terms of Endearment” more than guys. A girl’s heart skips a beat when she hears her man say “Honey”, or “Sweetie”, or “Darling”, or “Lovey” to her. It seems that the mere utterance of the term seduces the heart. It brings pleasure.

I am no expert of using sweet-nothings. So I was surprised to know that there are “Terms of Endearment” that women may not love! According to Siteopia.com (via Daily Mail), “Babe”, “Sweet cheeks”, and “Snookums”, are the top 3 most hated pet names for women. “Gorgeous”, “Beautiful”, and “Lovely”, are the top 3 most loved terms!

Here are the rest of the “Words of Endearment” hated and loved by women:

Do you call your partner a certain petname? If you are a guy, do you love your girl to call you with something else?