Mr. Robert Blair Carabuena acted like a furious cannibal when he assaulted MMDA Traffic Enforcer Saturnino Fabros. The video that is circulating online shows Mr. Carabuena pushing and even slapping Mr. Fabros (who, by the way, remained composed the whole time).

Netizens are outraged of what they’ve seen and condemned Mr. Carabuena’s actions.

Robert Blair Carabuena had already deleted his Twitter, Facebook, and LinkeIn accounts after hate messages were posted. But thanks to Google, everything remained in cache. Here is a LinkeIn screenshot:

High profile media personalities also denounced Mr. Carabuena’s actions. ABS-CBN news anchor and reporter, Julius Babao, was one of them. Via Twitter:

Mr. Carabuena is clearly in the wrong. He has no right to maul anybody, whether a uniformed officer or not!


Update: MMDA Legal is in the process of filing a criminal case against Mr Blair Carabuena.

Update 2: Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corp. Suspends Robert Blair Carabuena