I always make certain to take care of my friends the best way I can. That is how I see myself as a friend. I think friendship is really about caring and trusting and assuring that whatever the circumstances may be, you would be there for each other. For friendship to work, it must be a mutual relationship.

Unlike a mere acquaintance, friendship does not happen in a second. It takes time to develop. You can never say someone has become your friend after meeting him or her once. It takes more hellos and chats to culture a feeling of trust and care.

I usually initiate a talk to collect my so-called “friendsters”. The initiation, almost always, determine the outcome of a probable follow-up chat. When I sense that we don’t match in character (although it is shallow a reason to conclude that very moment), I usually don’t mind just giving a smile, shaking hands and saying goodbye. Most of the time, that system works. Some other times, though, it doesn’t. You only discover after sometime that your “friend”, in truth, is only putting a facade to fool you of his or her friendship. That in reality, he or she doesn’t like you to be around with him or her.

It hurts! It sucks!

The signs will tell you whether or not you have to let go of the so-called friendship. Unusual signs such as avoiding your presence or ditching your company or telling lies, and doing stuff to lose your trust, are the most common things to watch.

When unacceptable behaviors pile on top of each other, be ready to let go!

(..and do not forget to tell your fake friend — you jerk!)