Say, you are inside a night club and you find a stranger very attractive (note that attractiveness depends on your level of intoxication). Which one would you most likely end up doing once the club closes at 2AM – having sex or making love?

I suspect you already know the obvious answer. Of course, it is ‘having sex’. Sex over shots of alcohol is the norm. All you need to do is get yourself drunk [10 shots will suffice] and in a matter of hours you’d find yourself in bed with the stranger you lusted or dreamed so long to be with. Make sure that both of you are extremely intoxicated so that the alcohol will do all the thinking, talking, and the strategic planning of where and how you’d perform the sex escapade – in the car, at the park, beside a big rock, behind a tree, in the garage, or just to make it sounds so nice, in the comfort of your own room.

‘Making love’ with a stranger over a shot of vodka, on your first meeting, is beyond the bounds of possibility! Ergo, option number 2 is a Red Herring fallacy – a fallacy that takes the form of introducing or focusing on extraneous information to divert attention from the valid evidence and reasoning. The point here is that, love is never developed by taking shots of vodka, ladies and gentlemen. There is no “making love”! Take the word ‘love’ out of the equation and replace it with ‘lust’.

Sex over shots of vodka with a stranger is pure lust, an earthly calling of your body for pleasure. If your intention is casual sex to satisfy a day of lusty bodily craving, drink vodka (or any type of alcohol for that matter) and let the rumble begin.

However, if you want to find love and make love to a person you barely know, find the time to get to know the person well first, look for a place where you could talk, and exchange stories together.

Don’t find love or hope for love in a shot of vodka…