I have high praises for CNN’s Fareed Zakaria‘s kind of reporting. In fact, his GPS show on Sunday is something I don’t want to miss to watch. However, his recent interview with Philippine boxing champ Manny Pacquiao showed that Fareed could be a dumbass sometimes.

At one point, Fareed asked, “You know, there are reports, your Forbes magazine, other places say you make tens maybe more millions of dollars, $40 million one year. Philippines is a very poor country. Do you think that there is some, there is something wrong with somebody, with somebody in the Philippines making that much money when people are starving in your country?”

Manny answered, “It’s hard to judge by the, in the Philippines, it’s very uhmm, poor country..and the problem, major problem is corruption. We are fighting for that….to show to the people I am one of the honest public servants in the Philippines.”

What was Fareed tried to imply? That if a Filipino has a special ability, in the case of Manny, his ability to fight in the ring, it is just wrong to make money out of it? There is no sense at all of asking someone to justify why he is earning so much in a country where poverty is rampant. Stupid! It is like asking Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney why he is at the top 1% when the rest of the American population is suffering under huge debt. It is just like Manny asking Fareed why he is overpaid by CNN when there are thousands of homeless and hungry people in the U.S.

Also, I don’t think Manny falls short of helping his countrymen who are in dire need. Pacquiao owns a lottery outlet for the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and all proceeds go to public services, such as health care and welfare. He also established The Manny Pacquaio Foundation in 2008 to reach out to the poor Filipinos much easier!

Manny is earning so much because he puts his life at risk each time he fights on the ring. Pacquiao should have not answered Fareed’s question. Truly.

With a moronic question like the one asked by Fareed, no wonder CNN had its lowest-rated month in a decade! The news channel deserves the TV ratings’ slump.

Full video of the interview:

What do you think of this interview?