Negros-Cebu Philippine Earthquake

Is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos the real name of Ahcee Flores, the lady who posted comments on Yahoo saying she wants the Visayan people killed by the tsunami? Her comments (screenshots below), posted right after the news broke of a 6.7 magnitude quake hit the Negros-Cebu Philippine region on Monday, sparked an outrage from the Bisdaks. Although a tsunami alert was raised by authorities, nothing actually occurred. Yet, Ahcee Flores wished for a tsunami so that many people from the affected region will die. Obviously, this Filipino has a sick mind.

First comment:

Ahcee Flores Comment on Yahoo

Rough translation: “Let us all pray… that the tsunami would happen so many people from the Visayas would die and we could lessen the number of “low-class” citizens in the Philippines.”

How immature the comment is!

To add more hateful comments, Ahcee posted:

Ahcee Flores Comment on Yahoo

Rough translation: “Don’t worry guys, if the tsunami won’t happen today, there are chances of it happening. It will happen. Just keep on praying.”

Her intent maybe was to joke about it. But, honestly, is this the time to kid about a tragedy that left seven people dead and the Visayas region severely damaged? According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), 2 of the 7 fatalities were children who were pinned down by a collapsed concrete. Should we make jokes about our Kababayans being killed?

People are angry and would want to find out who this Ahcee Flores really is. According to Facebook posts, she is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos. But no one can really confirm this. Ahcee Flores may just be an online pseudo name. And Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos may just be created by someone who hates someone. Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos could be a real name of a person who has nothing to do with all of this.

Facebook pages have been created condemning Ahcee’s choice of words. One page is “Ahcee Flores -Persona non grata in Cebu”, and another page “Ahcee Flores Is Such a Bitch”, and much worse page “Kill Ahcee Flores Movement”. The last page has more than 7,000 likes since it was created a day ago!

Another page called “Support Ahcee Flores” was allegedly made by Ahcee. But no one can confirm whether the page is legit or not.

In just a matter of hours, Ahcee Flores became the trending topic in Twitter. If this is what she wants, there you have it — popularity and HATE!

Now the name Ahcee Flores and Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos will remain in the minds of the angry Visayans. Online, the names will always be associated with HATE.

I wonder if Ahcee Flores (if the name really exist) can sleep in peace.