The name says Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, but once inside, you will realize that the Center is more of a crocodile farm than any other wildlife. In fact, the tour inside will begin with the story of the giant croc skin mounted on the wall.

This crocodile skin from one of the longest crocs ever captured in the Philippines.

Crocodile Farm

The story then continued with all the so many crocodiles caged in very tiny spaces.

Crocodile Farm

I felt sad seeing all these crocs packed in enclosures that needed maintenance.

Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm

I was hoping to see other wildlife endemic to the Philippines, but was left disappointed. Well, I got to see the caged birds.

Crocodile Farm

And walked through flooded pathways.

Crocodile Farm

I had been to a number of wildlife rescue centers around the world, and this one is in the bottom of my list. That is, certainly, sad.

For those interested in visiting the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center:

Address: National Road, Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Phone:+63 48 433 2968

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