Eclipse Band

Eclipse Band

I was 10 blocks away and I could hear the sound of a music band playing. It was a little late, around 10 PM, when I followed where the sound of music was coming from and found out it was at the Sylvan Green, right close to the campanile, in the SDSU grounds. A band was playing; someone in the crowd whispered to me the group’s name is Eclipse.

I stayed at the back, then moved forward toward the stage when the band started playing “Don’t Stop Believin”. As a Filipino who loves listening to the version of Journey’s lead singer Arnel Pineda, I listened to how Eclipse would do justice to the song. It was not the best as I would have wanted it to sound (I was waiting for the high notes, but did not come). However, it was good enough.

The only lady in the band sounded really good. Her version of “Sweet Child of Mine” was believable. She also sang Carrie Underwood’s “Casanova”. I was not hearing country in it, but her voice certainly had some pop/rock and soul.

I left when the group started singing Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You.”

It would have been a good, good fun had there been many who watched the free concert. In my estimate of head count, I say, there were around 50 people only. Including the uniformed men policing the grounds, it may total to 60 all in all. That was still too small a number for a good-sounding Eclipse band!

Here is a short video clip of Eclipse’s performance.