See who is in the Argao Mayor’s office? That’s me people! Mayor Edsel Galeos and I posed for a quick photo shoot after a good chat regarding the possibility of having a public library in the town. And my role — to help make the project a reality!

When will the project start? It is still in the planning stage and I need the help of every Argaoanon. Every little help to make this library dream come true will be appreciated much.

Wouldn’t every Argaoanon want every child in our town to have access to books and hopefully to computers and the world wide web? The mayor has already made a number of developments in Argao, so why not build a public library?

The library will be housed here, the adjacent space of the town hall.

The library will be in the second floor with a good view of the plaza and the historic Argao church.

If you are from Argao and love this idea, leave a comment below. You may also leave your email address, so I could contact you for future plans.

If you wanna donate new or used books or magazines or anything you think that the library may need, please let me know in the comment. Thank you Argaoanons!