Argao, located in the south of the Cebu island Philippines, is a beautiful town. I never thought it is so beautiful until I visited the mountainous areas of the town lately. In all my years of living in the town’s lowlands, it just dawned on me that there is more to the story of every “habal-habal” plying the rugged terrains of the mountains every day. One has to be there, on the mountains, to see and experience life beyond the plains.

Aside from the cultural heritage, Argao is blessed with precious natural treasures that every Argawanon should be proud of.

We have the famous Mount Lantoy — the highest peak in Argao.

And the lush mountain range.

Have you seen the Stone Horse? According to the locals, no tree has ever grown in the particular area of the slope where an image of a horse appears.

Have you been to the Agta Cave and the Bugasok Falls? They are both right at the foot of Mount Lantoy.

Surrounding the Mount are Lanzones trees. I got a free bag from the locals.

If you are from Argao, visit the mountains and enjoy the scenery. For tourists planning to visit, check out the town’s website for info.

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